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Pitter Patters Early Learning Center, LLC

Designed with your little one in mind!


We're excited to offer a daily tracking and communication tool that keeps our parents connected to their littles ones, and captures all those "too cute not to share" moments. 

Why did we choose Tadpoles?

  • It gives parents online access to daily reports, photos, and more
  • We can send real-time updates to parents
  • It offers paperless organization
  • It provides detailed tracking and progress reports to share with parents and help us manage our center

What is Tadpoles?

Does Tadpoles cost money?

  • As a provider, we pay to use Tadpoles. However, the basic parent login that interacts with our center's account is no cost. A purchased Parent's app available for SmartPhones, however, it is NOT required to receive the basic log in and daily reports.

Do I need a SmartPhone?

  • No, you do not need a SmartPhone. If you have email, we can still send daily reports, photos and updates.

Can I get a paper daily report?

  • Yes, if you prefer paper daily reports, or don't have access to email, that's okay! Just ask and we can print a daily Tadpoles report for you.

Tadpoles Help:

Creating a Tadpoles Parent Account, and Downloading Photos and Videos.

Use our Contact Us form to ask a question, request help, or submit a change to your child's Tadpoles profile.